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              Global Railway Review Issue 6 2019

              Posted: 21 November 2019 | | No comments yet

              This issue includes articles about Hull Trains’ new hi-tech fleet, establishing a new safety culture for European railways, how HS2 and NPR will be key to upskilling UK plc, the latest infrastructure modernisation projects in Croatia, In-Depth Focus sections on Noise & Vibrations and Rail Traffic Management Systems, plus experts from SJ, SBB, ?BB and ProRail take part in our Utilising Big Data Leaders’ Debate.

              Included in this issue:

              • ROLLING STOCK

              Hull Trains’ new hi-tech fleet by Louise Cheeseman, Managing Director, Hull Trains

              • SAFETY

              Establishing a new safety culture for European railways by Libor Lochman?and Enno Wiebe from the CER

              • THE WORKFORCE

              How HS2 and NPR will be key to upskilling UK plc by Tim Danvers, Business Development Director for Rail, Atkins


              With articles from: Oscar Martos & Kamil Pravdík, Project Officers – Fixed Installations & Rolling Stock Unit, European Union Agency for Railways, Kerrick Lannon-Paakspuu, Mechanical Engineering Graduate, University of Toronto, and Saeed Hosseinzadeh, Geotechnical Engineer, Arcadis Nederland B.V.


              With articles from Eivind Skorstad, Project Director – System Deliveries for ERTMS, Bane NOR, Franc Klobu?ar, Assistant Director, S?-Infrastruktura, Joao Figueiras, rail industry consultant, and Hartwig Schuster, Certification & Authorisation UNISIG Work Package Leader.


              With Participants: Claes Lindholtz, Director Business Development & Digital Transformation, SJ; Jürg Frühauf, Head of Big Data & Analytics, SBB; Marcus Frantz, CIO, ?BB; and Thymo van den Brug, Manager Development – Asset Management Information, ProRail.

              • EVENT REVIEW

              Digital Rail Revolution 2019

              AND MUCH MORE……!


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